Paredes Middle School

Language Arts

Links to teacher phone numbers and e-mail addresses are found here.

Cynthia Bowers--7th grade ELA
Ashley Carpenter--7th grade ELA
Lindsay Davis--6th grade ELA
Jennifer Duran--7th grade ELA
Eliah Erazo--6th grade ELA & Dual Language
Tracy Hightower--7th/8th grade READ180
Victor Ike--6th grade ELA
Randall Means--6th/7th/8th grade READ180/SIM
Rachel Scott--7th grade ELA
Veronica Silva--8th grade ELA
Lindsay Southern--6th grade ELA
Sarah Sparks--8th grade ELA & ESL Coach
Shanda Thomas--8th grade ELA

Department Chair:  Jaime Kinslow--SIM Instructional Coach