Paredes Middle School

Dress Code

Guidelines to Dress for Success!

Examples of Paredes dress code

The purpose of the Paredes Standardized Dress Code is to create a unified academic focus on the campus. We strive to create an inclusive environment for all students.

All rules are enforced the moment students arrive on campus in the morning**


Polo shirts only! No dress shirts permitted.

  • 6th grade will wear solid color yellow/gold collared polo-style shirt with long or short sleeves.
  • 7th grade will wear solid color gray collared polo-style shirt with long or short sleeves.
  • 8th grade will wear solid color navy blue collared polo-style shirt with long or short sleeves.
  • Undershirts or camisoles worn under polo shirts must be white only.
  • Shirts must be no larger than one size above the student’s body size.
  • No embellishments, writing or low necklines. Only a small logo permitted (~1”).
  • No more than two buttons may be unfastened. 

Boys Shirts may be tucked in or not. Belts are required. Khaki or navy blue pants or shorts are acceptable.

Girls Shirts may be tucked in or not. Belts are required. Khaki or navy blue pants, capris, shorts, skirts, or skorts are acceptable.


  • Belts with a plain buckle shall be worn at all times. Belt may not be solid red or blue.


  • Solid navy blue or khaki pants, capris, shorts, skirts/skorts. Material must reach below the fingertips with arms fully extended.
  • Plain blue denim jeans the correct size for the student. (Not oversized or too tight, fit at the waist (no low rise or ultra low rise) and can be belted, the jeans contain no rips or tears, no writing or pictures on any area of the jeans.)
  • Pants may not be folded at the ankle.


  • Tennis shoes or closed-toed shoes (loafers, deck shoes, etc.) Sandals must have a backing.
  • No red or royal blue shoelaces or socks.
  • No house shoes, slippers, solid red or solid royal blue shoes.


  • Solid color sweaters, sweatshirts, or hooded sweatshirts that zip in the front: all must be fitted to the waist.
  • Colors for sweatshirts are as follows: 6th grade (yellow / gold / grey), 7th grade (white), and 8th grade (navy blue).
  • No graphics, embellishments, or writing on garments; collars must be visible and worn outside all garments.
  • All outerwear must be worn as they are intended and may not be over- or under-sized.

Outerwear regulations are subject to temperature.

School Spirit T-Shirt Fridays

  • Students may wear Paredes club or Paredes organization t-shirts and sweatshirts on Fridays. Akins and college school spirit shirts/sweatshirts are also allowed.
  • Paredes school-approved t-shirts will be sold throughout the year.


  • No electronic devices are allowed on campus the moment students arrive in the morning. Cell phones that are visible may be confiscated and returned to a parent after two (2) days with a $15.00 administrative charge set forth by the district. Cell phones are allowed after school.
  • No rosaries of any color are allowed. No wallet chains, spiked necklaces, spiked bracelets, or open fingered gloves. All tattoos must be covered.
  • Ear piercings only. No spiked earrings, no large hoop earrings, (earrings must be quarter size or smaller), no gauges.
  • No caps or head do-rag covers of any kind on school campus.*
  • Hair must be a natural color and no designs may be cut into the hair or eyebrows. No hairstyles that may distract from the learning environment may be worn in the hair (i.e. mohawks, slashes, drawings, two-tone, letters). 'Faux-hawks' cannot be higher than 2 inches.
  • Other items prohibited in the AISD Student Dress Code are also prohibited.
  • Other items that are distraction to the educational process are prohibited.

*Religious or medical exemptions to any of the items in this dress code may be submitted to the principal for approval prior to enrolling in school.


Will be optional on Mondays ONLY but will not begin until further notice.

We want your child to begin to see their professional future and would like them to dress as if they were interviewing for their dream job. Thus, professional attire will be encouraged on Mondays but will not begin until we model for our students the expectations for 'Dress for Success Mondays'. We will let you know when we will begin our 'Dress for Success Mondays' and thank you in advance for your support.

**The administration has the final determination for the appropriateness of any dress code item**

revised 7/27/15