Hi Pumas!


Read on to find out the ways the Library can support your learning, help you find new books, and assist you with technology.


Are you looking for more opportunities to read over the summer? Look no further! Here are some cool options for reading this summer!


We are here to help you with...

Finding Books

Need to find a new book to read? Not a big fan of reading? I can help! If you are unsure what to read, I can give recommendations and suggestions to find the perfect book for you!

You can also view my Book Talk videos (coming soon!!!) for more ideas on books to read. 

Join in on "And It Starts Like This" Fridays! Each Friday I will read the beginning of selected books, so you can see if you would like to continue reading it on your own. This is a great way to test and try to see if a book is a good fit for you.



Are you needing to find information for an assignment or project?

I can guide you to databases, digital tools, and books to help!


Tech Help

Having issues with your Chromebook? Can't access your Gmail? Problems with Zoom?

Let us know and we can work to assist you with any technical difficulties you may be experiencing.

AT HOME? - Call the AISD Help Desk FIRST!

ON CAMPUS? - Come to the Library or Front Office for assistance!



Having Fun While Learning!

Check out some of the digital resources, reading tools, and fun stuff available throughout my BLEND course.

There are lots of opportunities to learn and have fun.



Chromebook Support

Chromebook Simulator Tutorials

Set Up your Chromebook

Technology Use Tutorials and Videos For Students

AISD students and families can check the status of our systems including Blend, SeeSaw, AISD Portal and more!

Connection Difficulties? Check AISD Systems Status (Links to an external site.)

A Handbook for Blend and Seesaw - Play or navigate through slideshow below.

AISD Handbook for Blend and Seesaw ‌ (Links to an external site.)

Essential How-to Video Guides for Students



Navigating AISD Tech Systems

  1. Log into Austin ISD Portal and organize the dashboard. Contact your teacher for information about how to login.

  2. Access student email (Links to an external site.)

  3. How to check your grades/schedule on Frontline:


Using Canvas (BLEND) (Links to an external site.)

  1. Access Canvas (Links to an external site.)

  2. Organize courses and dashboard (Links to an external site.)

  3. Use the To Do List, List View, and Organize your Calendar (Links to an external site.)

  4. Set notification preferences for important reminders (Links to an external site.)

  5. Send and receive messages (Links to an external site.)

  6. Submit different types of assignments (Links to an external site.)

  7. Reply to a discussion post (Links to an external site.)

  8. View Speedgrader feedback from your teacher (Links to an external site.)

  9. Full Canvas (BLEND) Student Guides (English (Links to an external site.) and Spanish) (Links to an external site.)


Using Zoom as a Student

  1. Add Zoom on your Chromebook (Links to an external site.)

  2. Log-In (Links to an external site.)

  3. Features (Links to an external site.)

  4. Use Zoom on an iPad (Links to an external site.)

  5. How to change your display name in Zoom if it is showing up incorrectly (Links to an external site.)


Chromebook Tips

  1. Organize your tabs (Links to an external site.)

  2. Keyboard shortcuts (Links to an external site.)

  3. Screenshots on your Chromebook (Links to an external site.)

  4. Record a video or take a picture (Links to an external site.)

  5. How to create a split screen on your Chromebook so that you view two windows at once (Links to an external site.)


Technology Troubleshooting

  1. "Powerwash" your Chromebook (to fix many problems) (Links to an external site.)

  2. Fix Google account authorization in BLEND (Links to an external site.)

  3. Correct Google authenticate errors in BLEND (Links to an external site.)

  4. How to add a user to the Chrome browser (Links to an external site.)

    Technology Design Team (TDT)

    The AISD Technology Design Team publishes video content in support of student and teacher learning.

    The TDT YouTube Playlist for Caregivers and Students (Links to an external site.) contains videos about many of the systems used in the classrooms. 

    El equipo de Diseño Tecnológico del AISD publica contenido en video para apoyar el aprendizaje de estudiantes y maestros.

    The La lista de reproducción de TDT en YouTube para cuidadores y estudiantes (Links to an external site.) contiene videos sobre muchos de los sistemas utilizados en los salones de clases.